InvenSense, Inc.
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InvenSense, Inc.

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We are the leading provider of MotionTracking™ sensor system on chip (SoC) and Sound solutions for consumer electronic devices.
1745 Technology Drive San Jose, CA 95110 USA
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Phone 408x-988x-7339
Cirrus LogicMSIG Member
Austin, TX United States
Knowles CorporationMSIG Member
1151 Maplewood Drive Itasca, Illinois 60464 United States
Phone 630x-400x-9739
Byleddet 12-14 Roskilde, DK-4000 Denmark
Phone 952x-543x-8300
VesperMSIG Member
One Kendall Square Suite B2305 Cammbridge, Massachusetts 02215 United States
Phone 617x-699x-1457
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