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407 West Vine Street
Hatfield, PA 19440-0903
Brooks Instrument LLC
Absolute precision and control. For the world’s most demanding industry.

In semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, there is constant demand for innovation in flow and pressure instrumentation. Brooks Instrument meets that demand with the industry’s most advanced flow, pressure, vacuum and vapor delivery products. Our semiconductor product portfolio is built on our decades of experience creating many of the groundbreaking measurement and control devices that are now standard components of process tools at every level of the industry.

  • Brooks has the world’s largest installed base of mass flow controllers; one of the most trusted suppliers of mass flow technology to the technology to the global semiconductor industry.
  • Our MultiFlo™ technology enables one MFC to support thousands of gas types and range combinations without removing it from the gas line or compromising on accuracy.
  • Innovative companies such as UNIT Instruments, Tylan, and Celerity, pioneers in developing MFC technology as well as pressure measurement and control technology, are now part of the broad family of Brooks products.
  • We offer the industry’s first smart MFC that performs real-time diagnostics and flow error detection measurements at every set-point without interrupting the process gas flow.
  • Our proven applications expertise, custom metering configurations, service and assistance in selecting products guide you to the best solution faster.

Copy Exact Service & Support

Only Brooks Instrument Factory Certified Service ensures that your Brooks Instrument flow, pressure, vapor and vacuum products are serviced utilizing the same metrology standards, work instructions, equipment and custom software as our manufacturing processes – by expert technicians trained exclusively on Brooks products.

We have service centers located near fabs across the globe, to ensure fast turnaround on repair and recalibration requests. 

Visit our website:
Brooks Instrument LLC | 407 West Vine Street Hatfield, PA 19440-0903 USA | 215x-362x-3500
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