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Hauptstrasse 1a
Trübbach, Schweiz CH-9477
Evatec AG

Welcome to Evatec- The Thin Film Powerhouse

Welcome to the "Internet of Things" ( IoT) , an emerging world of amazing connectivity between man and machine. From 5G mobile network solutions and the new generation of intelligent HB LED based lighting in our automobiles to Gesture Recognition technology and EMI shielding for our smart phones, our thin film deposition systems enable manufacture of the worlds highest performance optical, optoelectronic and semiconductor devices. Our Advanced Process Control ( APC) technologies enables new level of thin film performance and production yield.


We deliver thin film process solutions in our core markets using our competences in evaporation, sputter, PECVD and etch technologies.

You can read about the latest production solutions in each of our core markets in our new technology magazine LAYERS


Our UBM and RDL processes in Flip Chip, Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) and Fan- in/out Technologies running on CLUSTERLINE and HEXAGON platforms deliver outstanding costs of ownership. READ MORE

For optical Interference Coatings from AR to Multibandpass filters, DBRs to TCOs, Evatec solutions using evaporation or sputter on BAK, RADIANCE and MSP platforms deliver high performance optical layers. Core competences in Advanced Process Control technologies using Broadband Optical Monitoring deliver new levels of quality and yield. READ MORE

MEMS ( Sensing, Actuating Optical and Magnetic)
Know how in deposition processes for piezoelectric materials, aligned magnetics,and dielectrics enable technologies like Thin Film Heads, on chip inductors, sensors and actuators. Evatec's Advanced Process Control technologies enable new levels of yield in advanced manufacturing approaches including Wafer Level Optics and Microfluidics . READ MORE

Evatec delivers "damage free” thin film processes for LED technologies including GaN on Sapphire, GaN on Si and GaN on GaN. Ask us about high throughput deposition of AlN buffer layers, current spreading layers like ITO, metal contacts and high performance reflectors (DBRs ) READ MORE

Our proven portfolio of Front and Backside metallization processes enable Bipolar, MOSFET, IGBT and Wide Band Gap (WBG) Technologies. Capabilities including Thin Wafer Processing, in situ stress control and in situ ohmic anneal that deliver enhanced yields and reduced process times. READ MORE

Evatec’s comprehensive portfolio of deposition processes for metals, contacts and electrodes, piezoelectric materials and dielectrics enable device technologies including HBT on GaAs, HEMT Technology on GaN, IR devices and RF Filters ( SAW & BAW) READ MORE



Evatec offer batch, cluster and inline platform architectures according to application, substrate format and throughput requirements

BAK EVAPORATOR- Flexible Platforms from 0.5- 2.0m

Choose from standart, long throw and split chamber architectures with options for full automation with "Autoload" READ MORE 

CLUSTERLINE® - 200 and 300mm Cluster Platforms

The CLUSTERLINE family are high volume single wafer processing production solutions enabling integration of PVD, highly ionised PVD (HIS) , Soft Etch and PECVD process technologies. READ MORE

HEXAGON – Your advantage in Advanced Packaging
From UBM and RDL to TSV and Fanout, Evatec’s Hexagon is dedicated to volume production at the lowest cost of ownership. READ MORE

LLS EVO II- Vertical sputter for Metals, TCOs and Magnetics
LLS EVO II is a load lock system with a proven track record across metals, TCOs and aligned magnetic films. READ MORE

MSP SPUTTER- Mass Production in High Precision Optics
The MSP batch sputter coater family delivers new performance levels in sputter mass production for HP Optics. READ MORE

RADIANCE- Sputter Cluster Platform
RADIANCE is a 200mm sputter cluster platform integrating combinations of batch or single process module technology for high throughput deposition of TCOs , multi metal layers and high accuracy dielectrics for Optical MEMS. READ MORE

SOLARIS- Fully automated solutions in thin film deposition
SOLARIS platforms deliver high speed deposition of metals, dielectrics, oxides and TCOs on substrate sizes up to 15 inch diagonal. At throughputs up to 900 substrates / carriers per hour in high throughput applications like PV, Touch Screen and EMI shielding. READ MORE

For immediate help to identify the right platform type for your process requirements and throughout either:

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Evatec AG | Hauptstrasse 1a Trübbach, Schweiz CH-9477 Switzerland | +41 81 403 8000
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