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2706 Montopolis Drive
Austin, TX 78741
United States
Novati Technologies
Novati Technologies is the leading innovation partner for accelerating nanotechnology development and commercialization. Novati's proven advanced technology and secure IP infrastructure combined with our Technology Development Process supports companies developing MEMS, microfluidics, novel transistors, photonics and other nanotechnologies for the Semiconductor, Healthcare & Life Sciences and Aerospace & Defense markets.

Novati provides customers with technology building blocks, engineering expertise, professional program management and a broad complement of flexible processing equipment that enable the accelerated development of 200mm and 300mm silicon-based solutions.  Looking forward, the Company continues to integrate advanced 3D wafer stacking and TSV processes from its parent company, Tezzaron® Semiconductor, the world leader in 3D-ICs, as well as advanced wafer bonding processes from license partner, Ziptronix, Inc. All work is performed at Novati's state-of-the-art, DMEA-accredited Trusted Foundry, ITAR-certified wafer fab in Austin, TX.

Providing original methods and a significant advantage over traditional foundries -- that typically limit customers to working with no more than 25 elements from the periodic table – a new wave of nanotechnology development centers will be in a unique position to engage a world-leading 60 elements (more than half of the periodic table) in order to move novel ideas and breakthrough designs into development and production.

Novati Technologies doesn't make any standard products of its own.  Novati's 8-inch submicron wafer fab provides a broad offering of advanced CMOS and nanotechnologies as well as MEMS capabilities that meet the diverse needs of customers focused on turning their innovative ideas into cutting-edge products for today's market. 

                    Analytical Services                                          Technology Integration                                      Test Wafer Products 


Novati offers a commercialization solutions platform that enables our customers to substantially accelerate bringing their novel silicon and nanotechnology products to market. Novati provides a flexible, customer IP independent process development infrastructure, in a manufacturing-like environment, combined with a set of high value commercialization solutions that can be mixed and matched to meet a customer's individual needs.

Novati Technologies is driving innovation in leading edge microelectronics, enabling our customers to develop some of the world's most advanced memory, MEMS and semiconductor technologies.  The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of novel materials and novel technologies to help customers solve their unique design challenges in aerospace & defense, semiconductors, healthcare & life sciences, telecom/datacom, consumer mobility and industrial applications. 

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Novati Technologies | 2706 Montopolis Drive Austin, TX 78741 United States | 512x-356x-2000
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