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329 N 14th St
Toledo, Ohio 43604
United States
Midwest MicroDevices
Welcome to Midwest MicroDevices!

Midwest MicroDevices is a dedicated, pure-play wafer foundry. We provide unique, cost-effective micro-fabrication services for customers in MEMS and thin film applications. Our state-of-the-art facility is custom designed to meet the needs of MEMS-enabled devices to support the emerging Internet of Things and other microdevices.

We offer you:

An American supplier eligible for US defense contracts located in the world’s best rapid prototyping center.
Ten years of MEMS microfabrication success across all materials and processes, including success with next generation materials considered "contaminants” by other MEMS foundries.
  • Unusual flexibility and "out-of-the-box” thinking to meet your processing requirements.
  • Rapid prototyping of a next generation MEMS product with the quality that is ready for production and market launch.
  • The flexibility to offer low -volume specialty MEMS products those other foundries may refuse to consider.
  • The chance to execute your vision for one or more MEMS-enabled devices that will take advantage of the Internet of Things, a market category projected to grow to be 15 percent of the US GDP.
Our Capabilities

Midwest MicroDevices is more than a cookie-cutter MEMS foundry. And we are more than a laundry list of specialty equipment required to manufacture microdevices. We are a full realization of the vision of our founder. We are a close-knit network of MEMS and advanced materials researchers directly linked to leading universities and think-tanks for MEMS-enabled advanced products. We are a proud organization that developed our esprit de corps by succeeding where others have failed over the past ten years of our operations. We are the new technologists that are creating the next generation of Toledo, Ohio and proud of it. We are where the Internet of Things begins.

Please click on one or more of the links below to learn how we can help you achieve your share of this rapidly growing market category.
Download your copy of Midwest MicroDevices MEMS foundry capabilities now.

Contact us now. Learn more about our unique approach to MEMS fabrication that has been proven again and again over the past decade. That’s right. Midwest MicroDevices is ten years old and growing.

Download your copy of Midwest MicroDevices Capabilities Brochure now.

Midwest MicroDevices Class 10 Cleanroom

Visit our website: www.midwestmicrodevices.com/
Midwest MicroDevices | 329 N 14th St Toledo, Ohio 43604 United States | 419x-241x-6963
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