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Phone+358 (40) 544 1505
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Lammintie 17
Oulu, 90550
SilverBlip Ltd.
SilverBlip Ltd  - over 30 years in Sensor and Measurement Technologies.
  • Sensors are evolving and maturing, but development never stops.
  • Measurement challenges also develop, although  physics stay the same.
  • Business and business environment change. New interesting use cases emerges.
  • Patent landscape is interesting, mostly a free ocean , but there is a lot of possibilities and hazards, too. 
Silverblip has worked successfully with many sensor companies, sensor customers, sensor business analysts, numerous start-ups, and patent and IP law companies. The feedback is encouraging:
  • ”Excellent sensor technology and IP competence and reporting quality.”
  • ”Executed in a flexible and effective co-operation with full trust and confidentiality.”
We are happy to co-operate and support your endeavour:
  • Wide and deep technology knowhow with an active touch
  • Deep business view and understanding from start-ups to world class sensor supplier with an innovative approach
  • Experience and knowledge for patent reviews, claim charts, expert opinions with a practical and cost effective way.  
Don’t hesitate to contact.  Set your target high;  Use best expertise and experience 

Visit our website:
SilverBlip Ltd. | Lammintie 17 Oulu, 90550 Finland | +358 (40) 544 1505
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